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Sometimes, there is only so much your vacuum cleaner can handle. Unless you are fortunate to have a professional machine that sucks deep into the bottom of your carpet, dirt and dust will build up over time. And if you have got children and pets, then there will be spillages and accidents that stain the carpet. 

To get the best results from a deep clean, you will need to have your carpet vacuumed and shampooed. The cleaning occurs in several steps. Firstly, the carpets are vacuumed to remove any large and easily removed bits. Then, our industrial machines spray shampoo and water into the pile.

The cleaning head then works its way into the carpet, agitating the fibres to loosen the dirt, before sucking up both the grime and liquid. After the initial sweep, we clean the carpets again; this time without using any shampoo. This third step acts as a rinsing stage, drawing the remaining dust and dirt from the fibres whilst ensuring no shampoo’s been left behind.  

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How much does it cost to have a carpet professionally cleaned? 

It does not cost too much to have a carpet professionally cleaned, and although you might want to clean a couple of rooms, by the time you’ve hired a machine, bought shampoo and spent a lot of your personal time cleaning, it makes perfect sense to pay a little more to hire a professional who will do a great job.

Average costs are as follows.

 Small Bedroom – £20

 Large Bedroom – £30

Stairs and Landing – £30

Large Front Room – £35

Overall, the cost of carpet cleaning for a standard three-bedroom house is around £200 if you have two reception rooms, three bedrooms and the hallway, landing and stairs cleaned. This will be a little more in a four-bed house, depending on the size and number of additional rooms.

Furniture RemovalFor best results when having your carpet cleaned, the room should be clear of furniture and be totally empty, which will enable us to give the entire carpet a perfect clean all over.

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned? 

Homeowners simply do not ask professional carpet cleaners to their homes enough, as carpets really do need to be cleaned on an annual basis. This can feel like a big task for many, especially homeowners who have been strict about removing shoes and weekly vacuuming. These pros & cons will provide you with some answers to this question:

Carpet Cleaning: The Pro’s

All research confirms that there are some very compelling reasons to drag all of your furniture out of their rooms once a year and call in the professionals:

  • Maintaining Appearances—It is recommended that you clean your carpet every 12 months and before you start to notice the spots and traffic marks, to keep it looking like new. Dirt and debris left in the carpet for too long can work its way into the fibres, making it almost impossible to remove.
  • Health Benefits—Your carpet traps all kinds of bacteria, allergens, dust, pollens, and other nasty things that are in the air. It gets filled up over time. The best way to keep the air you breathe clean and safe is to clean your carpet regularly.

Carpet Cleaning: The Con’s

  • There are no reasons at all to avoid cleaning your carpet;

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

Steam Cleaning carpets v’s shampooing 

Keeping your carpet clean can seem like a never-ending battle. Thick carpet fibres trap dirt particles, dust, pet dander and other debris. Some debris can be removed with regular vacuuming, but the remaining particles that cannot be removed by your vacuum will accumulate. This means that your carpet will grow increasingly filthy over time even though you clean it regularly. Deep cleaning your carpet periodically is essential in order to maintain a healthy living environment for you and your family.

What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning carpets is preferred by many people because it only uses heat and pressurized water or steam to remove ground-in dirt and other particles. The professional will use a truck-mounted steam cleaner in most cases to propel heated water and steam into the carpet. This combination of high pressure and a high temperature effectively dislodges particles that have been cleaning to carpet fibres. Some commercial steam cleaners have an agitation feature to dislodge more particles. A powerful vacuum then extracts the moisture and the loosened particles.

The Pro’s & Con’s of getting carpet steam cleaned

As you explore the best methods for cleaning carpets, the pros and cons of various steam cleaning methods should be reviewed. When professional cleaning services are used, steam cleaning is an effective way to remove ground-in dirt, and it is even effective at removing mould and mildew. Because the truck mounts generate substantial power from the commercial-grade carpet cleaning equipment, more water and dirt is extracted than what a consumer-grade carpet cleaner may be able to remove. Furthermore, the drying time is minimal, and related staining is not a concern if the carpet has adequate time to dry before you walk across it. Steam cleaning is an effective way to rejuvenate carpeting and to extend its life, but it is not effective at removing stubborn or deep stains.

What Is Carpet Shampooing?

Carpet shampooing is similar to steam cleaning in that high temperature and high pressure are combined to clean the floor, and this cleaning method adds an additional element of carpet shampoo. In many cases, this is a dry foam cleaning agent. These elements are combined to create a thick lather that effectively loosens the dirt so that it can be extracted. The machine has rotating brushes that provide suitable agitation to loosen more dirt and even to scrub away deep stains that have been engrained in carpet fibres. Carpet shampooing includes the additional step of rinsing the carpet with fresh water. This moisture must then be thoroughly extracted with a powerful vacuum.

The Pro’s & Con’s of shampooing your carpet

Shampooing carpets may provide a deeper level of clean as well as deodorization benefits related to the use of the cleaning agent. Many stubborn stains that cannot be removed with steam cleaning may be removed with this cleaning method. However, shampooing carpets requires the use of more water, and not all of this moisture can be extracted by the vacuum. Drying time may be longer compared to steam cleaning carpets. 

Do Carpets Get Dirty Faster After Cleaning? 

We have found in the past that customers are put off getting their carpets cleaned because they think that carpets get dirty faster after cleaning.

If a carpet is cleaned correctly and this is not the case. However, if the carpet is not cleaned correctly to start off with, quick resoling can appear to be true.

Failure to Vacuum Before the Carpet Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming off any loose particles before steam cleaning is especially important. If these loose particles are not removed, they can work their way back up to the surface when the carpet dries. This will give the appearance of the carpet becoming dirty again when the carpet dries.

Using the Cleaning Solution While Steam Cleaning

Some carpet detergents do not remove oily residues from the carpet. The cleaning can remove dirt that is stuck to the oil, which makes it look clean but with the sticky oil still there, new dust and other soils stick to the oil quickly and it looks like the marks return.

Not pre-spraying the detergent

To save time, some carpet cleaning companies put the detergent directly into the cleaning solution. This leaves a lot of the detergent on the carpet after the cleaning has been done. As a result, the carpet is sticky and attracts dust and other particles allowing the carpet to become dirty quickly after cleaning. For this reason, we always pre-spray the detergent before cleaning. In addition to not leaving a sticky residue, it also gives time for the detergent to work before the steam cleaning starts.

Failure to Rinse

In trying to do the carpet cleaning quickly, some carpet cleaners do not rinse the carpet enough and in so doing, leave a sticky residue on the carpet which attracts dirt which sticks to carpet making it look like the carpet has not been cleaned after a relatively short about of time.

Too Much Water on Lighter Carpet

Almost all carpet has a hessian backing which reacts with water. Hessian is brown in colour, so if too much water is used or the carpet cleaning equipment is not set to the correct pressure, water goes into the hessian backing and then as the water evaporates, brown colour can work its way to the ends of the carpet yarns.

These errors in the carpet cleaning process often occurs when those doing the carpet cleaning are not properly trained in what they are doing or they are trying to cut corners to get the work done as quickly as possible. 

Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself? 

At some point, we all need an extra clean for our carpets. Over time, stains and spills build up and cause it to become discoloured. Not only this, but households with pets, children, or those who wear shoes inside are likely to be trailing dirt along with them unknowingly. Your carpets could look great on the surface, but you would be amazed at what can be found after a deep clean.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Statistics and Facts 

Here are a few important statistics and facts about professional carpet cleaning that might give you better insight into the profession and the benefits of using them.

·       People who used both professional carpet cleaners and ones they hired for their own use were on average 50% happier with the results from the professionals

·       Professional machines are up to 10 x more powerful than portable cleaners.

·       Drying time is on average 75% less when cleaned

·       Professionals use advanced cleaning solutions not generally available to consumers and are not harmful to carpets, they will kill 99% of bacteria’s, allergens, and moulds.

·       Professionals will clean your carpets on average 85% quicker than DIY Cleaned carpets

·       30 Mins – The average time a professional cleans one room

·       Professionally cleaned carpets will not re-soil as quickly as DIY cleaned carpets.

How often should you clean your carpets?

The rule of proper carpet maintenance is to vacuum twice a week, and have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. For heavy-traffic areas or for households with children, pets or smokers, we recommend vacuuming your carpet anywhere between three and seven times a week and having it deep cleaned every six months. 

Nevertheless, this doesn’t apply to every household on earth. To get a better clue of the cleaning frequency, let’s take a closer look at the factors we  

Factors influencing the cleaning frequency

Consider the following aspects of your lifestyle to determine the regularity of carpet washing:



Carpeting that is under a guarantee 

My carpet doesn’t look dirty.  What do I do? 

You see, it may not look dirty, but in reality, the base of its fibres are most likely soiled.

It just takes a bit more time for the dirt to become visible. Note that the more heavily soiled your carpet is, the less chance you have of getting its original, nice colouring and texture back.

The benefits of professional cleaning

Dangerous particles are destroyed

You prolong the life of your carpet

The carpet will look and smell good

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How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

Your carpet will be only slightly damp to the touch after your cleaning. Most carpets typically need 2-3 hours to dry completely. However, it could take up to 6 hours to dry depending on the time of year your carpets are cleaned, and the air circulation, humidity and temperature in your home. To minimize drying time during the winter months, raise your heat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or more. You can also turn on dehumidifiers and any fans you have such as ceiling or floor fans. Even the fans in your bathrooms and the vent above the stove will increase air circulation and help carpets dry faster.


Can you walk on a freshly cleaned carpet? 

Ideally, avoid heavy traffic and keep children and pets off the carpet for at least 6 hours after cleaning. If you must walk across the carpet to get to another part of the house, do it 30 minutes after cleaning it by removing your shoes and wearing a pair of clean white socks to protect the carpet. We place waterproof protectors beneath the furniture legs so that we can replace the furniture immediately after cleaning. Most services recommend leaving these protectors in place for 24 hours, after which the homeowner can remove them.


Why should you vacuum before the carpet clean?

The carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly with a regular household vacuum cleaner, before starting to clean it. This will remove loose dirt particles as well as any gravel/sand that has been tracked into the home. It will also fluff the carpet fibres, loosening deep down dirt from within. This will make the overall carpet washing task more effective since it will be able to clean deeper. While vacuuming, you may also notice small items that could impair a carpet cleaner if allowed to be picked up during the cleaning, such as elastics, hair accessories, small toys and other things that could block the hose and cause some issues. 

Is it better to clean a carpet with hot or cold water? 

Hot water is more effective in removing heavy soiling, but using cold water is better for your fibres. There have been serious discussions regarding the extraction process and what is the best temperature for the water. Coldwater extraction, based on expert analysis, is somewhat safer than hot water extraction when used on natural carpet fibre; however, it does not dissolve as much of the soil. Heat, on the other hand, reduces the surface pressure of water, allowing it to clean faster and more professionally than cold water. In fact, the heat in hot water triggers the movement of chemicals working during the cleaning, which makes for easier soil removal from synthetic carpets. Also, to ensure complete removal of residue, use hot water for your rinse. The hot water rinse removes any lingering residue that can be left behind on your carpets. Cold-water machines generally use less energy, making the machines much more suitable, and often more cost-effective for consumers.  When hot water and chemicals are mixed, they can release fumes that can be potentially dangerous to the user. Coldwater minimizes this. It really depends on what you want. Just keep in mind some factors.