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Here are a few things that you should know …

Arrival Time of The Fitters

The fitters will give you a call before 10 am on the morning of your agreed fitting date and give you a 2-hour window for their arrival.

Painting Surfaces

If you are redecorating at the same time as having your new floor covering fitted, we recommend that all painting is completed at least 2 weeks before the flooring is fitted, this should give the paint ample time to harden.  If the paintwork has not been rubbed down, primed, and painted in line with the paint manufacturers recommendations, you may find that some of the paintwork chips as the fitters rub their bolster down the woodwork to ‘tuck’ the carpets.  We appreciate that this isn’t always feasible and although the fitters will take maximum care and they will do their best not to scuff and chip any freshly painted areas, it can happen, and the paint may need to be touched up after they have finished.

The removal of offcuts

The fitters will remove any offcuts and rubbish and dispose of them ethically.  If you would like to keep any offcuts, please mention this to the fitter before he leaves and he will be happy to leave them with you.

Sub Floor Preparation

A perfect floor needs a smooth, solid foundation.  Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to inspect what’s underneath your current floorcovering sufficiently enough to diagnose where some preparation work may be required before your new flooring is laid.  If the fitters are installing your new floor and they do find that what’s underneath your existing flooring needs work to make it right, in most cases, they can help you resolve the problem.  There may be rare occasions where they will have to advise you to bring in a specialist contractor.  The smoothing compound used on concrete floors and plywood used on timber floors will smooth out the sub floor in readiness for your floorcovering but not level them.  If the sub floor slopes or has some ridges within it, then although the preparation of the flooring from the fitter will help reduce the slope and/or ridges, you may still see them through the finished floor.

Door Easing

There are times where your doors need something trimmed off the bottom, such as where you are going from a medium pile carpet to a longer pile carpet.  In most cases the floor fitters can trim the doors for you.  For this, there will be a charge of £30 per door, which is payable directly to the fitters.  If the door is such that the fitter cannot cut the door (fire door / door on rising hinges), then you will need to organise for a carpenter to come and complete this work for you.


If you have any white goods in your kitchen then these will need to be moved out of the kitchen prior to the fitter’s arrival.  Dependent upon the installation method, the items should be ok to be put back into the room within an hour after the fitters have completed their work.  If there is enough room under the kickboards in the kitchen then the fitter will remove the kickboards and fit the new floor covering under them for you.  If this is not possible then the fitters can either fit up to the kickboards or take the kickboards off for you to organise for a carpenter to cut these and put them back on.


Fitting is chargeable. The fees quoted are for the goods shown on the order only. If you require additional fitting services these can be arranged with the fitting expert in advance and quoted for separately.

Where Avana Flooring has been asked to make the arrangements for your flooring to be fitted, we agree to act as your agent and for this service. This includes introduction to a flooring fitting expert and arranging the installation of your new floorcovering under a separate contractual agreement between you and them. It also includes monitoring fitting standards, arranging a pre-cut service to aid an efficient and speedy ‘at home installation’, and on the rare occasion of a complaint being raised regarding the fitting, Avana Flooring will manage the complaint between yourself and the fitting partner.

We retain responsibility for the products and service Avana Flooring supplies, and we will act as an intermediary between you and the flooring expert should any liability arise from delivery and installation where Avana Flooring has made the introduction to the fitter.