Stain Resistant Carpet in Calne

The Carpet and Flooring Shop that comes to you in Calne

Are you looking for a stain resistant carpet in Calne? We are the carpet & flooring shop that comes to you in Calne.  Bringing with us as many samples as any high street carpet store, we have ranges of flooring to suit every taste and budget.   Why not select your dream carpet, laminate, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), vinyl or wood flooring from the comfort of your own home?

Not only can you benefit from the comfort of a brand-new carpet, but you can also take advantage of the stain-resistant properties of our selection. Stain-resistant carpets are often made from easy-to-clean materials with durable construction styles, including our berber loop carpets and twist pile carpets.

One of the main benefits of these ranges is their ability to be cleaned easily.  We have a wide selection of bleach-cleanable carpets which takes the stress and hassle out of cleaning spillages and maintain the same great look as they did when they were first installed.

Our stain-proof carpets are perfect for residential and commercial spaces alike.  Whether you’re looking for a contract carpet, dining room carpet or even a bathroom carpet, our range can help keep your carpet stain free. 

We cover Calne and all the local villages including: Beckhampton, Blackland, Bremhill, Bromham, Calstone, Charlcutt, Cherhill, Compton Bassett, Derry Hill, Heddington, Hilmarton, Mile Elm, Stockley, Studley and Yateley.

Carpet Types

With so many different types of carpet, including colours, textiles, and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best carpet for your home. That's why we have put all of our carpet types into 3 different categories for you.

Our Products & Services

Carpet Materials

Nylon is very soft, durable, and resistant to stains. It has good resistance to wear, mould, and mildew, and it is easy to dye and holds its colour well. It is about the same price as a wool carpet

Polypropylene is the most popular carpet fibre and is now as soft as nylon. A main feature of a polypropylene carpet is that it is highly stain-resistant but can be prone to soiling and holding onto oils which in turn, collect dirt. It is, however, incredibly easy to clean, bleach can even be used as part of the cleaning process.

Wool is a natural, luxurious and long-lasting material.
Lower-grade wool is more prone to staining, while high-grade wool can be expensive. Most manufacturers combine wool with manmade fibres to create a carpet with the benefits of both. Pure wool carpet is made without chemicals or additives, which makes it an excellent choice for those with allergies.

Carpet Underlay

The choice of a carpet underlay is just as important as the choice of the carpet. Here are the main advantages of a decent underlay:

Luxury carpet underlays are thick and dense, which provides that fantastic underfoot feeling. The underlay will absorb any impact and be a comforting cushion on your feet when you walk. This makes for a very comfortable experience when walking on a carpet with a quality underlay.

An underlay with a higher tog rating will provide some extra insulation. The thick and dense materials block the cold air and prevent the warm air from escaping. A new underlay can reduce the heating bills by approximately 15%.

A quality underlay will help prevent wear and tear on the carpet, which can extend the life of a carpet by up to 50%. It will also protect your flooring from any moisture that may be present within the subfloor, which will prevent damage from dampness.

A great underlay will help a carpet retain its spring for longer. This prevents the pile from flattening as quickly as it may do on an old underlay. It will also help maintain a quieter home.

carpet fitter

Carpet Fitting

Once you have chosen your new flooring, that’s when our fitting partners take over.  Additional services are available to help get an unquestionable perfect fit. From fitting your new carpet or flooring with underlay and accessories to moving the larger items of furniture, finally maybe even uplifting and removing your old flooring.

All our carpets carry a manufacturer’s warranty. At Avana Flooring, we are so confident with our fitting partners service that we offer a 12-month installation guarantee.