Loop Pile

Loop Pile Carpets

Loop pile carpets are also known as Berber carpets. They are an incredibly popular choice of carpet, due to their textured look, durability and slightly firmer feeling underfoot. 

Loop pile carpets are available in lots of different textures and patterns. They are available in different heights and different densities, and on different levels to create a unique textural design on the floor. Loop carpets are available in both wool and manmade products, or a blend of both. Manmade fibres (usually polypropylene) are harder wearing than natural fibres, so a wool/polypropylene blend carpet offers the best of both worlds. 

A 100% wool loop carpet will be softer to the touch, but as wool is a natural material you may find a slight variation in colour and texture from the sample that you choose the carpet. Loop pile carpets are durable and suitable for all rooms in a home. The lower the loop, the more durable the carpet will be and the less the carpet will flatten over time.

Loop pile carpets are a good blend of durability and performance. The loop structure means a loop carpet is harder wearing than any other type of carpet and requires less upkeep. Loop pile carpets won’t leave tracking marks once the carpet is freshly vacuumed. 

Here are the main benefits of a Loop Carpet:

A polypropene carpet or a wool blend with polypropylene has stain-resistant properties.

The pile flattening will be less obvious and there are fewer tracking marks from footprints and vacuuming.

Can be lower in price than the equivalent weight carpet in a twist pile. They start from only £8 sqm.

Very durable carpet in whatever fibre mix is chosen.

Here are the main disadvantages of a Loop Carpet:

They are not as soft and luxurious as a twist or Saxony carpet.

Cats tend to prefer to scratch loop pile carpets as opposed to other types