Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets have a luxurious look with a deeper pile, making them a popular choice for people who love that feeling of sinking their toes into their carpet.

A Saxony is the same construction as a twist pile carpet, but they are loosely twisted at the bottom and a little more open at the top, which gives this type of carpet that fantastic softness that feels incredible to walk on. 

Saxony carpets tend to be the carpets where you will see the lines where people have just vacuumed, or maybe even where the cat has walked across the carpet. Saxony carpets can appear as 2 different colours when looking at the carpet from different directions, this is known as shading and can give your room 2 different looks, depending on where you are situated in the room.

Most Saxony carpets are made from polypropylene as this gives an unrivalled softness to the carpet and also its stain-resistant characteristics mean that the carpet is easy to clean down to the bottom of the pile

Saxony carpets are suitable for all rooms in a home, although it is worth noting that the thicker the pile on the stairs, the bulkier the stairs can look and the quicker the carpet will flatten.

Here are the main benefits of a Saxony:

A polypropylene carpet has stain-resistant properties.

This type of carpet will reduce the heating bill as it will keep the warmth in.

Prices start from only £12 sqm.

Very durable carpet for most rooms in the home.

Here are the main disadvantages of a Saxony:

Higher piles will show signs of flattening quicker than shorter piles or looped pile carpets.

Can be higher in price than the equivalent weight of a loop pile carpet.