Twist Pile

Twist Pile Carpets

Twist pile carpets are incredibly durable and can manage the day-to-day demands of any home, making them a popular choice for high foot-traffic areas like living rooms, hallways and stairs.

The shorter and tighter the pile, the less the carpet will show signs of flattening. Twist carpets are twisted during the manufacturing process and sometimes two fibres are twisted together (twin ply) which makes the carpet extra durable.  

Twist pile carpets come in a variety of different materials, ranging from polypropylene, nylon, wool mix and polyester. A 100% Polypropylene carpet is by far the most popular material in a Twist pile, due to its stain resistant characteristics and its availability in both firmer and softer yarns. A wool mix blend usually referred to as an 80/20 due to its mix of 80% wool and 20% manmade material is also a popular choice but is often a little higher in price due to the cost of the wool. The softer the fabric, the more you will see the tracking marks of footprints and vacuum lines.

Twist pile carpets are the same construction as Saxony carpets but they are more compact and shorter in height, meaning that this type of carpet will flatten less over time than a Saxony. 

Here are the main benefits of a Twist Pile Carpet:

A polypropene carpet or a wool blend with polypropylene has stain-resistant properties.

This type of pile is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Prices start from only £8 sqm.

Very durable carpet for all rooms in the home.

Here are the main disadvantages of a Twist Pile Carpet:

Higher piles will show signs of flattening quicker than shorter piles or looped pile carpets.

Can be higher in price than the equivalent weight of a loop pile carpet.